Victoria's Secret and Chinese Designer Brand SUSAN FANG Launch Joint Collection


Recently, Chinese designer brand SUSAN FANG and Victoria's Secret released their first co-branded collection during London Fashion Week, launching a series of new items from intimate lingerie to pajamas and other new items, jointly presenting the beautiful prayers for love and freedom, so that the skin, the body in the dream home, and the heart, get along at ease.

The co-branded collection includes classic bras and panties, pajama sets, halter nightgowns and specially designed slogan tee shirts and dream jackets. The gentle colors of powder blue, white and iridescent gradient prints express women's romance and softness; the iconic bubble beads are not only decorative, but also let you and I be in the link between reality and "secret world", and feel the world of flowers and dream bubbles in the wear; embroidery and lace are intertwined with love hearts and butterflies, which are the patterns on the second layer of the skin. Embroidery and lace are intertwined, hearts and butterflies appear, a second skin pattern, allowing the fabric to show romantic details with every breath. SUSAN FANG's signature bubble beading is at the center of the design.

In this collection, SUSAN FANG upholds the admiration for nature and all living things, and with the theme of "Love, Freedom and Fantasy Wishes", creates a series of new items from intimate apparel to pajamas for Veep.




At the recent London Fashion Week, Susan Fang presented her AW24 collection, which not only showcased her signature tulle and floral creations, but also revealed for the first time her collaboration with Victoria's Secret. Titled "Air-Home", the collection is based on the themes of hope and love, and draws a surrealistic world through the observation of events around us, through which Susan Fang conveys the message that even in times of war and conflict one can imagine a haven of peace and freedom, without the need to fight for land or for a place to live. haven, without having to fight for land or territory.

The collaboration between Susan Fang and Victoria's Secret is not only a combination of two brands, but also a fusion of styles and ideas. With a special emphasis on floral and butterfly motifs, this joint collection aims to inspire confidence and strength in women through unique designs. Susan Fang says she has always wanted to design lingerie, especially after starting to incorporate pajama styles into her ready-to-wear collection last year. Collaborating with Victoria's Secret has allowed her to turn this desire into a reality, creating pieces that are suitable for everyday wear without losing their sex appeal.

The co-branded collection is said to go on sale in April. This is the second time that Victoria's Secret has teamed up with Chinese design, the first domestic co-branding was Victoria's Secret x RUI-built, which was launched by Victoria's Secret and Rui in July 2023.


Currently, Susan Fang has 105,000 followers on Weibo and the brand's keyword #susanfang# has over 5.5 million views on Xiaohongshu. As a regular at London Fashion Week, Susan Fang is gaining more and more recognition overseas, and her fan base in mainland China is also expanding. By partnering with a mainstream brand like Victoria'sSecret, it will help both parties to further enhance their brand influence.

2022 after the once-Victoria's Secret foundry Virgin Mega acquired a 49% stake in Victoria's Secret China, Victoria's Secret has gone through many rounds of iterations in China, and its China operations are becoming more and more localized. With a huge population base, China has become the world's second-largest lingerie market for women launching a variety of Chinese characteristics of the pop-ups, and has resumed its growth both online and offline, entering the top ten of the double ten cat sales for two years in a row.

In order to better capture Chinese consumers, Vimy first in 2020 signed Yang Mi, Zhou Dongyu and other stars for the brand spokesman in Asia, said to "break the stereotypes and inherent labels about sexy", 2021 and official announcement of Yang Tianzhen as the brand's best friend, for the first time in China to try the plus-size models.

According to the plan, the future of Vimy will deeply optimize the offline retail service and experience, planned market expansion, ploughing the offline market, the goal is to open 100 new stores in China in the next three years.

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