Kim Kardashian's lingerie brand opens limited-time experience store in China


Which underwear brand is the hottest internationally now, the American Empire netizen, reality TV star, NBA star collector, Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian founded in 2019 SKIMS is undoubtedly one of the most famous, founded a year ago, became the 2020 Tokyo Olympics U.S. team cooperation underwear brand, and last year it was killed to the familiar NBA, became the NBA, WNBA The first cooperation underwear brand, just founded a few years, has been four times financing, now the market valuation of $ 4 billion, 2023, net sales are expected to be nearly $ 750 million, the online reputation is amazing, just in China, there are Yu Shuxin and other stars are its loyal fans.


Founded in 2019, Skims is characterized by unisex style and figure-inclusive designs, and was brought to China by Lane Crawford in 2021. The overseas layout in just two years shows the importance Skims places on the Chinese market. Kim. Kardashian herself also recorded a special video to promote at the beginning of the entry.However, apart from the launch party in Shanghai in November 2021, Lane Crawford did not organize another large-scale marketing campaign for Skims in 2022 and 2023. It was also during these two years that Skims rapidly grew in size and popularity, reaching a valuation of $4 billion after closing a new round of funding in July 2023, with the ultimate goal of going public.

SKIMS entered China in 2021, Kim. Kardashian herself also recorded a video on that day to publicize the brand has entered China Shanghai and Hong Kong, but since then two years the brand is relatively silent on the publicity in China, relying only on its own popularity and Xiaohongshu net red tap water seeding and so on to maintain the momentum.

SKIMS Valentine's Day Experience Store" was opened in Chengdu International Finance Center from January 29th to February 8th, 2024 for a limited time.

The SKIMS Valentine's Day Store in Chengdu offers a Valentine's Day collection of lingerie, loungewear and limited edition gift sets. In addition to the Valentine's Day collection, SKIMS' classic lingerie collection is also available.


Kim Kardashian, Founder of SKIMS, said, "The debut of this first Valentine's Day limited time experience store in Chengdu is a major milestone in the continued growth of SKIMS in Asia and globally, and I can't wait for consumers to experience our brand, our products, and the unique style behind them for themselves."


In addition to the limited time experience store, SKIMS has also created a pink double-decker bus that will land at Chengdu's iconic Twin Towers for a limited time.

With multiple product types and price bands, Skims actually caters to a wide range of customer segments. Personal brands launched by celebrities and online celebrities usually focus on affordable price bands, catering to different types of fans and quickly boosting sales and awareness through repeat purchases. But from the choice of Lane Crawford as a partner, it's clear that Skims wants to present a high-end image in the Chinese market.

with various luxury and trendy brands. Kardashian's influence has led to collaborations with a variety of luxury and trendy brands, and the scarcity of relatively small sales in the Chinese market has also helped to create a high-end image. The problem, however, is that this image is bound to be diluted when it tries to expand further out of Lane Crawford, a challenge that Secret has experienced before.

China's lingerie market is a low-growth but highly competitive one, with Skims already facing a number of competitors as a lingerie brand, but as an integrated brand it has to compete with larger sportswear brands such as Lululemon. But apart from its distinctive style attributes, Skims has not yet built a strong presence in channels, supply chain and marketing.

Even if it decides to stay small in China for quite some time to come, Kim . Even if it decides to stay small in China for quite some time to come, Kim Kardashian's influence and shifting fashion trends will have an impact. For a brand that isn't very big, this impact can sometimes directly cause it to struggle in the marketplace, making it difficult to navigate through the trend cycle. 

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