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On May 15,2024,INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI and Curve Shanghai team visited Shanghai Gujin Underwear Co.,LTD.Ms Zhuge Minjie,general manager of Gujin Underwear,and Zhang Ying,chief designer,warmly met the team.Both sides had an in-depth discussions on the new concept of Gujin Flagship Store 3.0,product R&D of Gujin underwear,future developments,etc.


Mysterious and elegant,GUJIN Lingerie brand consistently adheres to a design philosophy that balances fashion with comfort,and aesthetics with functionality,providing women with an elegant and comfortable lingerie experience.Founded in the early 1930s,GUJIN Lingerie has evolved from the bustling streets of old Shanghai on Avenue Joffre to a nationwide presence.Recognized as a"China Time-Honored Brand"and"Shanghai Famous Brand,"GUJIN Lingerie continually strives for innovation,upholding a spirit of meticulous craftsmanship.With unwavering quality assurance,it has become the trusted choice of millions of women,earning consumer acclaim through attentive service.


The 3.0 trial operation of GUJIN's flagship store on Huaihai Road

What is the difference from before?


The GUJIN flagship store's last major renovation was a decade ago,and in that time,it has become a cherished part of many fond memories for GUJIN and its customers.This 3.0 trial operation can be seen as arevival,an activation oreven reshaping of brand memory points.


The GUJIN 3.0 flagship store differs from traditional lingerie shops--more like a museum dedicated to the evolution of lingerie.In addition to conventional lingerie,it offers specialized garments for women at different life stages,such as puberty,pregnancy,and menopause,providing the appropriate support and protection.


Over the past 90 years,GUJIN has progressed through three phases:1.0 wear good,2.0 wear beautiful,and 3.0 wear healthy.It is GUJIN’s current and future development direction to focus on health.


Product line GUJIN is focusing on now


Considering the market's preference for comfort and simplicity,Gujin will focus on the development of comfortablelingerie suitable for different breast shapes.These lingerieswill use soft,breathable fabrics and feature simple yet elegant designs, ensuringultimate comfort for daily wear.

In line withthe eco-friendly trend,GUJIN is also actively using new eco-friendly materials like bio-based plastics and recycled fibers. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also offer great wearing experiences,meeting the dual demands of eco-friendliness and comfort,thus providing more comprehensive health protection for wearers.



Challenges that GUJIN encounter on product development

Common challenge in product development phase primarily involves technical difficulties encountered while pursuing product differentiation and innovation.For example,fabric innovation:finding and developing forward-looking functional fabrics requires a high degree of creativity and technical breakthroughs.Thisinvolves interdisciplinary integration acrossmaterials science,textile technology,chemical engineering,and other fields.

Another challenge is the continuous update of craftsmanship techniques.With the rapid advancement of technology,new craft techniques are constantly emerging.Companies need to stay updated and master the latest technical trends to maintain product competitiveness and foresight.


Partners that GUJIN hope to collaborate with


GUJIN aims to collaborate with influential partners within the industry. These partners should not onlyguarantee excellent quality and reliable reputation but also could respond react quickly to adapt to market changes and meet customer needs.

GUJIN also value companies with innovative concepts,as their creative thinking can bring new developmental momentum and competitive advantages to us.Through such cooperation,GUJINhope to jointly promote industry progress and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Interfiliere&CURVE Shanghai 2024 extend invitations to numerous related experts to participate and discuss future development of the industry.AtInterfiliere&CURVE Shanghai 2024,we assure all participants the engagement in in-depth idea exchanges,sharing experiences and exploring paths suitable for their own development in the ever-evolving market environment.


Unprecedented Audience Engagement

Interfiliere&CURVE ShanghaiCultivates a Robust Industry Ecosystem

Anticipated to span over 10,000 square meters,Interfiliere&CURVE Shanghai 2024 is aimed at a crowd exceeding 5,000 professional visitors,including industry insiders and experts from global intimate fashion and lingerie brands,buyers,OEM/ODM manufacturers,trade companies,and textile/knitting professional institutions,as well as media representatives.This convergence is strategically designed to facilitate the expansion of business operations both domestically and internationally.Interfiliere&CURVE Shanghai 2024,recognized as a formidable force in the intimate fashion industry,will feature over 170 exhibitors from across the globe,representing diverse sectors such as fabric/fiber,lace/embroidery,textile design/fashion trends,OEM/ODM manufacturing,accessories,and textile machinery technology.The curated selection ensures a showcase of products characterized by diversity and high-end originality.Among the distinguished past exhibitors are:

Fabric Brands

Best pacific, Italy Cavico,Penn textile,Asahi Kasen,

Taiwan Domoho,Fujian Unitex,Xiamen Assab,Guangdong Derun

JY textile, Shanghai sinotex, Kbtex,Fujian Showme.

Lace Brands

Italy Iluna,Tianhai,Hangang,Gayou,Jinsu,

Lying,Xiamen Fashion,Luenfung,Fujian Deyun,

Yingmei textile,Xiongxing.

Embroidery Brands

LLCP,Xinfeilin, Daxin, Henglifeng, Yilu.

Accessories Brands

Hangsang, Shengyi, Sanfang, Hing man(Lee's)

Baikai elastic, Pionner HK, Xiangya, Huayan elastic.


Tengfei, Yongzi, Huaer, Dongyou, Jinsheng

Yiweimei, Aiyasi, Jiarun, Tingfei

Chuanxing, Huaru, Rongjie

*The listing includes some participating brands, with no implied ranking.

INTERFILIERE Shanghai 2024

October 15-16

Shanghai Exhibition Centre

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INTERFILIÈRE SHANGHAI is an international leading body fashion show that has been serving the China's market for 20 years.INTERFILIÈRE SHANGHAI 2024 offers you the cutting-edge perspective and resources for the global intimate apparel body fashion industry,helps all exhibitors enhance brand influence in both domestic and overseas markets,and accelerates all attendees’business development as well as the intimate apparel body fashion industry continuously breaking through aesthetic accomplishments from garments,accessories to apparels,and gaining insight into the latest fashion lifestyle trends.


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