Unleashing the Storm | Booth Reservation Underway for SIF2024, Propelling the Evolution of the Intimate Fashion Sector on the Global Stage


In the dynamic landscape of lingerie brands in 2023, encompassing both emerging and traditional players, a discernible pattern of growth emerged amid existing competition. Emerging brands adeptly captured the trend shift in lingerie consumption, transitioning from a focus on “appearance” to an emphasis on “comfort.” Meanwhile, traditional brands, responding proactively, embarked on various transformations, including rejuvenation and digitization. Chinese brands gained a competitive edge with non-size lingerie and cost-effectiveness, with loungewear and yoga wear emerging as consumer “favorites”.

In conversations with industry experts, despite an overall downturn in the lingerie market trend in 2023, most domestic brands showcased robust sales and impressive year-on-year growth, outperforming their foreign counterparts. Positioned as a segment with low market concentration within the broader apparel industry, the intimate fashion sector holds expansive potential as the “last piece of the cake” in clothing.


According to preliminary statistics, the women's lingerie market comprises over 200 subcategories, signaling significant growth potential expected to continue steadily. In 2023, major brands, particularly those operating online, achieved growth through live-streaming e-commerce and successfully embraced marketing-driven strategies and hit-product logic online. However, this surge in sales also brought about heightened marketing expenses.

Against this backdrop, and in response to the evolving market dynamics and current industry needs, Interfilière Shanghai 2024 (SIF 2024), an international intimate fashion materials exhibition at Shanghai, is slated to take place on September 25-26 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The event promises a global perspective and resources for the intimate fashion industry, empowering companies to enhance their brand influence in both domestic and overseas markets. SIF 2024 aims to expedite business development for brands and support the continual evolution of the intimate fashion industry from materials to finished garments. The focus remains on providing insights into the latest aesthetic trends, with the goal of creating a professional platform that seamlessly integrates trade negotiations, international exchange, and brand showcases across the entire intimate fashion industry chain.

Forging a China-France Alliance: SIF 2024 Propels Industry Growth in Anticipation of Global Trends

In 2024, commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France, Interfilière Shanghai is set to reinforce its partnership with the French parent exhibition. This collaboration aims to deepen communication and cooperation in market exchange, resource sharing, and cultural outreach, fostering a more robust friendship between China and France in this new era and unlocking greater possibilities for both exhibitions.

From January 20 to 22, 2024, Interfilière Shanghai has received an invitation to Interfilière Paris, the French parent exhibition, to partake in the fashion industry extravaganza in Paris, the world's fashion capital. This presents an opportunity for face-to-face communication with the organizers of Curve Shanghai's sister exhibition, Curve New York, the American Swimwear and Lingerie Exhibition. This interaction is designed to explore potential business opportunities in the North American market, aiding exhibitors and brands in discovering new business prospects. (For details on the Paris exhibition floor plan, please contact the relevant sales representative.)

During the Interfilière Shanghai exhibition scheduled for September 25-26, the esteemed “Grand Master” of the lingerie world, Jos Berry, will grace the event. She will unveil authoritative insights into the trends and color palette for the spring/summer of 2026. From various perspectives, she will delve into industry hot topics and trend dynamics, offering global practitioners design inspiration and fashion indicators.


Jos Berry, as the founder, promoter, and Creative Director of Concept Paris for Interfilière Trends Forum, closely monitors the evolution of the lingerie industry. With a keen eye on global fashion information, she combines fashion aesthetics with practicality to make lingerie both comfortable and irresistibly attractive. In her exploration of China's intimate fashion market, Jos Berry acknowledges its developmental potential, recognizing its unique oriental characteristics with high international recognition and substantial potential. After gaining insight into the overall operational model of SIF, Jos Berry expressed strong optimism, highlighting the need for continuous innovation in every industry, especially the fashion sector, which thrives on a constant infusion of fresh ideas. SIF, injecting new vitality into the intimate fashion industry, has played a pivotal role in propelling the industry's development.


Innovative Collaboration for Strength: SIF 2024 Unveils Diverse Showcase Spaces

SIF 2024 seamlessly integrates various functions, including industry trade, new product launches, and industry dialogues, featuring multiple refined display areas spotlighting fabrics, accessories, and finished product samples aligned with the prevailing trend theme. This affords exhibitors in the intimate fashion industry an expansive and diverse display space, allowing them to showcase innovative technologies and distinctive designs. Simultaneously, it serves as a collaborative space for brands, factories, designers, supply chain procurers, and textile institutions to engage in product planning, draw design inspiration, collectively curate selections, and facilitate exchange transactions. 



To empower fashion materials practitioners in staying at the forefront of trends, SIF 2024 has forged an exclusive strategic alliance with the globally renowned trend research institution CONCEPTS PARIS.

Together, they will co-host the Trend Forum. 



This specialized area, carefully curating designs based on fabric comfort, thematic relevance, and originality, will feature conceptual sample fashion shows from exhibiting brands. The zone promises a diverse array of design styles and colors, aiming to captivate a broad audience and spotlight the latest trends in fashion.

Sport-Tech Trend Zone: 


  As sports increasingly become a central aspect of modern lifestyle regulation, the fashion elements of sportswear have gained prominence among consumers and industry professionals. In 2024, consumers find themselves in diverse and personalized wearing scenarios, including gyms, outdoor activities, swimming pools, parties, and more. This diversity has transformed intimate apparel into more functional attire, leading to a more refined product demand. 


Responding to this shift, INTERFILIERE Shanghai 2024 has introduced the Sport-Tech Boutique Exhibition Zone. The zone seeks to explore new fabric types and technological innovations emerging from the influence of various trend trends within intimate fashion. This initiative aims to bring a creative and transformative breeze to the world of sport-tech fabrics.

GREEN PLANET Sustainable Trend Zone:

1707742410344213.png 1707742444139911.png

With the growing public awareness of health, environmental protection, and ecological living, many upstream raw material companies are optimizing their product processes, recycling methods, and degradable treatment approaches. They aim to strike a balance between consumers' desires for green and environmental protection and the practicality of products. 

图片50.pngThe Circular Sustainable Boutique Exhibition Zone of INTERFILIERE Shanghai 2024, championing the green and environmental protection concept, will collaborate with various brands to showcase low-carbon green sustainable solutions, promoting the green and sustainable development of the industry.

In addition, SIF 2024 will host a series of diverse and concurrent events aimed at fostering industry exchanges and collaboration, collectively navigating the development direction of the intimate fashion industry.图片27.png

The “Star-Studded Intimate Fashion Brand 图片23.png


Fashion Show” will bring together numerous fashion brands, presenting their latest products and unique designs. 


The “SS26 Spring/Summer 


Trend Release” will assemble industry experts and designers to unveil upcoming fashion trends, offering valuable insights for product and brand development. It guarantees a visual and intellectual feast. 


The “INTERFEEL AWARDS and YLA AWARDS Presentation Ceremony” 


Acknowledge outstanding enterprises and designers in the industry, setting exemplary benchmarks for other practitioners.


The organizers of SIF extend invitations to numerous experts and scholars from the industry to participate in the Forum and deliberate on the future development of the industry. During the conference, participants will engage in profound exchanges, sharing experiences and exploring paths suitable for their own

development in the ever-evolving market environment.




Unprecedented Audience Engagement: SIF 2024 Cultivates a Robust Industry Ecosystem

Anticipated to span over 10,000 square meters, SIF 2024's exhibition area is poised to draw a crowd exceeding 5,000 professionals, including industry insiders and experts from global intimate fashion and lingerie brands, buyers, OEM/ODM manufacturers, trade companies, and textile/knitting professional institutions, as well as media representatives. This convergence is strategically designed to facilitate the expansion of business operations both domestically and internationally. This edition, recognized as a formidable force in the intimate fashion industry, will feature over 170 exhibitors from across the globe, representing diverse sectors such as fabric/fiber, lace/embroidery, textile design/fashion trends, OEM/ODM manufacturing, accessories and textile machinery technology. The curated selection ensures a showcase of products characterized by diversity and high-end originality. Among the distinguished past exhibitors are:

Fabric Brands

Zhongxin, ASAHI KASEI, Derun, DOMOHO

DOMOHO, Lihongjun, Yubang, Zihong, Hoyum, Weierli

Shengshun, Xinfibers, Tengfei Jingwei

Meida, Xuyang, Qixing, Hengrong, Jedian

Celeb, Assab, Chenjia


Lace Brands

Giayou, ILUNA, Honggang, Xiong Xing, Spring Lace

Jin Su, Deyun Technology, For Both (360leiliang.com)

Wanjili, Liying, Luen Fung, Xiamen Fashion Knitting, Xinhai (Shijia), Golden Knit, Fengyan

Liansheng, Yiweitai, Xinjiale


Embroidery Brands

Xinfeilin, Daxin, Henglifeng, Yilu


Accessories Brands

Hengsheng, Shengyi, Sanfang, Xingwen (Lishi)

Yingtong, Mingxin, Elastique, Xiangya, Youwoke

Fuyuan, Jiaxing Chaolian, Honghua



Tengfei, Yongzi, Huaer, Dongyou, Jinsheng

Yiweimei, Aiyasi, Jiarun, Tingfei

Chuanxing, Huaru, Rongjie

*The listing includes some participating brands, with no implied ranking.


Exhibitors will engage in face-to-face interactions with visitors, fostering expanded business networks and heightened brand visibility. Furthermore, the exhibition will seamlessly integrate media and academic resources, orchestrating extensive promotional and academic activities, thus establishing a platform for fruitful industry-academia collaboration. (For detailed information on audiences, collaborating units, and media, kindly contact the respective sales representative.)


Continuing its trajectory of profound development, SIF will present itself in 2024 with an enhanced professional, authoritative, precise, and efficient stance. It is poised to support fashion enterprises nationwide in showcasing their brands, demonstrating strength, promoting products, and expanding markets through the SIF platform. Booth reservations for SIF 2024 are currently in high demand, urging early booking to seize a plethora of business opportunities. See you at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on September 25-26.



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